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of Dance & Aerial Arts

2022 Summer Classes

June 13 - August 6

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**If taking both dance/acro & aerial, take the full price of your aerial tuition & 

add just half of the dance/acro tuition for your total.

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First week of classes - FREE for NEW students!

Registration Information:
  • Click on one of the "REGISTER HERE" buttons throughout this page which will bring you to our parent portal. 

  • If you are a current student - you can skip to the following step. If you are not a current student, but have taken a class in the past, you may already be in the system and can search for your child. If you have never taken classes with us before, you will need to create a new account & add your student(s) in. 

  • Click on the "Account" tab and "Register for Classes". 

  • Click on the "Summer 2022" tab. 

  • You will see the classes you can register for based on your student's age. If you do not see the correct classes for their age - please make sure their age is accurate in our system. Account > Students > Click on the Student's Name. 

  • Check the box by each class you would like to register for and click submit. 

  • We will then reach out to see if you would prefer to pay for the Full Summer, Half Summer, or Drop-In Classes, and will then invoice you.

  • The Half Summer can be used for any 4 weeks during the Summer. Tuition must be paid before you can attend these classes. We will not have any registration fees for Summer classes. We will not pro-rate the Full or Half Summer Tuition as they already have huge savings compared to our normal tuition. If you cannot attend for the Full or Half Summer - you will need to pay drop-in rates. 

  • Let us know if you are not aware of the level your child should be in, or if you have any additional questions.